Thursday 7 January 2016

Social Issues in the ELT Classroom - ELT Methodology for All

My interest in promoting the integration of global issues, global awareness, and social responsibility into foreign-language teaching has given birth to a presentation with the title "Teaching for Social Justice: From Social Context to Teaching Content" which I delivered last June within the scope of an open seminar series "ELT Methodology for All" devoted to Social Issues in the ELT Classroom organized by the English Studies Department of CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield

Open Seminar Series 'ELT Methodology for All'(FREE ENTRANCE)

It is no coincidence that I am part of the Department where like-minded educators work together to a common goal and share the same view of what education means. This fact made it possible for me to introduce social content into BA and MA General English and Methodology modules I teach.

It was an honor for us to have Dr Luke Prodromou participate in this first in a series of seminars with an interactive and entertaining talk “Social and Global Issues and the Language Teacher. From Dickens to Debt; The Current Crisis and its Consequences from a Critical Pedagogy Perspective”. Watching Luke Prodromou in action is always a pleasure. It was also a pleasure to "share stage" with him.

I hope we managed to persuade our audience that there should be a link between ELT and global issues and that global issues should be among the concerns of a foreign language teacher. 

With the motto "Let's educate, and not only teach", I would like to invite you to watch the recording of the two presentations.

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