My personal interest in promoting global issues and social justice through ELT started with TED talks a few years ago, continues till today and keeps growing. The array of topics is endless: global poverty, hunger, discrimination of all kinds, violence, human rights, modern-day slavery, and the list could go on and on.

This interest of mine developed in parallel with the sad phenomenon of the growing population of students with limited interests and limited knowledge about the world. My lessons are an attempt to rectify this situation.

Most of my lessons address Upper-Intermediate and Advanced level students. The result is usually the same. The students are always shocked by the existence and the extent of the atrocities presented and discussed in class. Many of them make a decision they will take action. Few of them do…

Spreading the word and making young people aware of global issues and social injustice is my own battle against it. I see hope which others choose not to see and they just turn their backs to look at the brighter side of life. The words of one of my students, however, are a proof that change is possible: "Honestly, the first thing I did after watching the talk ("Photos that bear witness to modern slavery” by Lisa Kristine) three times was applying a monthly donation for Even though the amount is small, it is the best I can do. If more people did it, I think it would change a lot but that is just a wish." 

Let's all join in the fight against social injustice and raise awareness of burning social issues. Let's educate, and not only teach.