Sunday 21 October 2018

Service Learning - TESOL MTh EFL Talks 2017

TESOL MTh EFL Talks 2018 are round the corner. Let me take this opportunity to remember my EFL Talk 2017: "Service Learning: From Classroom to Community".

A lot of great things happen in classrooms all over the world and many teachers get their students involved in project work. Unfortunately, the outcomes of these efforts are rarely seen by the world and often stay behind closed doors. Service learning is a kind of project-based learning which opens doors or classrooms by getting students involved in projects which address real needs in the community. At the same time, it allows students to develop a wide range of skills.

My advice is as follows: choose a cause you are passionate about and that you want to support. It can be bullying, traffic safety, environmental pollution, you name it! For me, it is the fate of stray dogs.

In my short presentation I gave practical ideas on how we can get our students involved in a meaningful project aiming not only at improving the fate of strays but also, in the long run, at reducing the problem by informing and educating community members. 

Watch my talk and get convinced that service-learning can be a truly transformative experience for your students and for the whole community.

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